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Welcome to The Mummy Trainer!

Mel C aka The Mummy Trainer is a Personal Trainer, a Pre/Post-Natal Specialist and a Fitness Tutor. She also has two children and knows how hard it can be to balance life when you’re a Mummy!

With over 25 years experience in the Dance & Fitness Industry, Mel has a wealth of knowledge that she shares through Blog Posts, Articles and Videos!

Whether you’re pregnant with your first child, wanting to get back in shape when your babies are all grown up, or you want to get in shape just for the sake of it – The Mummy Trainer should be your first point of call for your health and fitness journey!

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5 Spices In Your Store Cupboard That Will Improve Your Health

5 Spices In Your Store Cupboard That Will Improve Your Health There is a common misconception that to be healthy you need to invest in expensive health and diet pills, and follow unnatural diets. We at The Mummy Trainer like to give fitness tips that most people...
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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?           I didn’t know, not until the Cancer Research email hit my inbox – I clicked through and instantly felt awful for not knowing! When you think about Cancer, you think...
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I’ve Been Mega Busy!

Hey Everyone!   I hope you are all good and that (if you have kids) the summer holidays are not driving you too crazy! I must apologise as I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks, I have a good reason, I promise! I recently launched my own Dance Fitness program...
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Making a Nintendo Tidy Box

Me and the boy have been getting our craft on a fair few times over the last week, we’ve made an aquarium, dinosaurs, I’ve been hitting Pinterest hard for ideas!   Pinterest   It’s probably safe to say that I have developed a Pinterest addiction and I am not...
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