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Are you pregnant and looking for fitness advice?



Just had a baby and looking to get back into shape but don’t know where to start?



Are you a veteran mom and still struggling with all of the mental, physical and emotional stresses that come with motherhood?


About Us

The Mummy Trainer Blog covers a multitude of topics, ranging from pregnancy, becoming a mom for the first time and simply dealing with the stresses that motherhood throws at you!

We write about topics that ensure you are taking care of yourself so that you can take care of baby, we cover useful and practical health, fitness and parenting advice through Videos, Podcasts and Blog Posts!

The Blogs are written by Mel (The Mummy Trainer) and Gina Barlow (Bump to Beyond), our guest contributor.

Both Mel and Gina are Personal trainers, specialising in Pre and Post Natal Fitness and they are both moms so can totally relate to what you are going through!

Mel aka The Mummy Trainer is a Personal Trainer, a Pre/Post-Natal Specialist and a Fitness Tutor.

She also has two children and knows how hard it can be to balance life when you’re a Mummy!