A Common Dilemma!

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As a 40-Year-Old mom of two, I have my fair share of wobbly bits!
I had both my children by C -Section (Emergency and Elective) and they were both big babies so, I have some serious tiger stripes too!

It’s common to have issues with your bodies after you’ve given birth (and when you’re no longer a teenager!), one of the places I was keen to sort out first was my legs aka Thunder Thighs!








Big Thighs run in my family (no pun intended) but after years of dancing and Martial Arts, my legs were solid, (until I had children) so imagine my dismay when these two giant wobbly things that had held me up all the way through pregnancy, didn’t want to know me anymore!

Don’t Panic!


As I said before, I’ve had two big babies and so I knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

When I had my daughter, it was Cardio that got my legs back into shape, however, I didn’t have the arms I’d always dreamed of (think Linda Hamilton – Terminator 2), so I decided to start lifting weights after I’d had my son.

I qualified as a Kettlebell Instructor in 2017 and launched classes in the summer, I knew straight away that this class was going to make a difference to a lot of people!

Strength Training is incredible for building lean muscle and Kettlebells is a great way to get women to do strength training (once they realise that they can’t get bulky)!

Over the following 6 months I’ve seen Cardio Central students body shape completely change, I’ve got my ass back and my legs no longer wobble!



My favourite Kettlebell Exercises for targeting lower body are Squats and Lunges, here’s a quick workout for you to do at home (with or without a Kettlebell!):

  • Squats 12 Reps x 3 Sets
  • Lunges 12 (on each leg) x 3 Sets

15-second rest in between sets, repeat sequence 3 times to get a great leg and booty blast!




If you would like to try Kettlebells, Cardio Central run two classes a week, check out the timetable for full details: https://www.cardiocentral.co.uk/class-timetable/


Mel is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Tutor and Blogger, she is passionate about what she does and her blogs represent her opinion (and she is pretty opinionated!).


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