Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017


It’s Dyslexia Awareness week and I believe that this is a topic that more people need to increase their knowledge about, as it’s easy to assume someone with Dyslexia is, to put it bluntly, stupid!


What is Dyslexia?


The following extract is taken from the NHS Website:


‘Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling.


It’s a “specific learning difficulty”, which means it causes problems with certain abilities used for learning, such as reading and writing. Unlike a learning disability, intelligence isn’t affected.


It’s estimated that up to 1 in every 10 to 20 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia.’


Personal Experience


My Brother in Law and my niece are both Dyslexic and they are both extremely creative and talented!

One of my daughters’ friends is Dyslexic and she is very bright, she keeps me on my toes and has a great sense of humour!

There are many famous people that are/were Dyslexic; Pablo Picasso, Tom Cruise, even Richard Branson!




By increasing our knowledge and becoming more aware, we can offer support to friends, family and colleagues without belittling them or making them feel inadequate.


Dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed off, it doesn’t mean that an individual is stupid, far from it, but they do require additional support and that’s ok.

The sooner a child can be diagnosed, the quicker the support can be provided for them.

Adults shouldn’t avoid getting assessed either as it can make life a lot easier than it has been when you get the support you need!

Increase Your Knowledge!


There are books that you can read, check out Jessica Kingsley Publishers Top Books on Dyslexia

If you prefer to read online, here’s a link to the British Dyslexia Association:


If you suspect that your child may be Dyslexic, they can get tested, here is some information from the NHS Website:


Have a look at Dyslexia Actions website for the support you can expect to get from schools (once your child has been diagnosed).

Educate yourself guys, you know what they say, ‘Knowledge is Power’, I make sure that my kids know that!


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