We got a new camera, woooooooo!!!!


My husband bought a new camera as we have launched a new business and we needed a top notch camera, capable of filming high quality video.

I got very excited about this as i have been saving for a new vlogging camera (without much success) so when hubby came home with a new Panasonic Lumix G7 with a flip screen, i stopped mid sentence and whooped for joy!

Trying out the camera


I attempted to take a few shots around the house, I was really nervous about using the camera, (which hubby thought was hilarious) but i knew i had to get a grip as this piece of equipment was the future of my Vlogging career (cue dramatic music!)!

The Boy Posing!









Weekend Break

We went away for the weekend as it was hubby’s birthday so i decided i was going to embrace nature (we stayed in a Yurt in the middle of a forest, review coming soon!) and take loads of pictures/video!

I took a fair few and I was really impressed at the quality of the video footage, the camera shoots in 4K so I had an expectation that the quality was going to be high, i just needed to make sure i did it justice!







Creating a mini video!


I took a few video clips while we were away (saving those for the review!) but hadn’t done anything with them, so I decided to take the boy to the park and see what i could do in a short space of time!

The end result is the below video (it took me 15 minutes to put this together, its not Hollywood quality), I think the footage is amazing quality (make sure you switch the settings to at least 720p on YouTube before watching it) and i’m really chuffed with the camera!

I will be doing a lot more so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel!



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