Injuries and how to treat them!

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As with any kind of activity in life, you run the risk of injury, no matter how safe and effective you may think you are being!

As a Fitness Instructor, it is my job to make sure that I keep you as safe as possible when you are in my class, but I can’t be there in your everyday life, sorry!

If you do get an injury in or outside of class, you may have twisted your ankle or banged your elbow – If the injury has an element of inflammation, you need to follow this advice:


R – Rest

I – Ice

C – Compression

E – Elevation



Take any pressure off of the injury immediately, if it’s your leg, sit down and take your body weight off it!



Ice will help to reduce the swelling and should also reduce the pain you are feeling.



Wrapping the injured area with an elastic bandage can also help reduce the swelling. Don’t wrap it too tight though, you don’t want to cut off the blood circulation!



Elevate the injured area when you are resting (sitting or lying down) as this can also help to reduce the swelling.

You can prop yourself up using pillows, the main thing to remember is to raise the injured area above the level of your heart.


Here’s a great article from Web MD, it goes into a lot more detail:









If you suspect that your injury may be more serious and none of the above is working, you need to get yourself checked out as soon as possible.

I would recommend being seen by a medical specialist regardless as your instructor is probably not a medical professional and cannot give you a full or accurate assessment of your injury.

We recently had a student who had trapped her finger in a door a few weeks ago (outside of class), she has now discovered that the finger is broken (OMG) and will need to have an operation soon!

Get yourself checked out, even if it’s just for peace of mind, you just never know what you may have done to yourself!


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