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Learning to Ride with Biky Biky

Learning to ride a bike is a pivot time in any child’s life – It’s that combination of fear, excitement, deflation and achievement all rolled into one!

Our Dilemma

My son is four and he currently rides his bike with stabilisers, his sister is 7 and she is a very competent bike rider (no stabilisers required) – This frustrates him sometimes and I don’t take them out on their bikes as often as I should (#parentingfail) so he isn’t getting the practice he needs!

Removing his stabilisers has always been a big no-no, so trying to find a way to convince him he will be ok has been a bit difficult, to say the least!

Trying Something New

It’s currently the middle of the summer holidays, finding things to do that don’t cost a fortune can be hard – Time to get the bikes out of the shed and get the kids back on them!

We tested the Biky Biky vest out in the back garden, with stabilisers as he was still really unsure.

He definitely felt a lot more confident knowing that Mommy and Daddy could catch him if he fell, he now wants a new big boys bike!


My son loves his Biky Biky vest, it’s given him a real confidence boost as he knows we will be there to catch him if/when he falls (our verbal reassurance wasn’t enough, lol!)!

In his words:

It’s really cool Mommy!

I would definitely recommend getting your child one of these, feeling safe is a big deal when you’re a child and as parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure they feel safe whenever possible!

I think it’s a worthwhile investment just for that, don’t you?

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