Me and the boy have been getting our craft on a fair few times over the last week, we’ve made an aquarium, dinosaurs, I’ve been hitting Pinterest hard for ideas!




It’s probably safe to say that I have developed a Pinterest addiction and I am not ashamed to admit that I love it!

I can scroll for hours through pins for organisation, tech, crafting – envious of all these original pins that people are creating and getting loads of repins as a result!

Now, I’m going to work on the assumption that you understand how Pinterest works (or we will be here all day, lol) and bear with me as I attempt to create a blog specifically for Pinterest!


Back To Crafting!


I was sorting through my kids Nintendo games this morning, they both have DS’s (i have one too, its about ten years old!) and as kids do, they take everything out of the boxes and lose chargers, it drives me crazy!

I had an empty black cardboard storage box (my hubby bought a load a while back) and I thought, ‘I’m going to put all of their DS things in here in the hope that they won’t lose their stuff so much’!

The box wasn’t enough though, I needed an incentive/some sort of enticement to get them to use the box and voila! An idea popped into my head, I’ll make a label!!


 Love a label I do!


I have two different label makers, a laminator and a guillotine – For someone who doesn’t craft, I have all the equipment!


I was more than prepared for this project with all of the goodies I have in the house, so I will list them below and then tell you how I did it!

What I used:


Sheet of A4 paper

My Printer (I use a HP 1510 – got it for £15 on eBay, bargain!)


A Sheet of laminator paper (Poundland, 10 sheets for £1)

Double Sided Sticky Tape (Poundland again!)






Empty Black Cardboard storage box

Canva (Free Design website, very easy to use!)


How I did it:


The boy and I searched for images in Google (its best to search for png images as they don’t have a background) and we decided on Mario standing next to the word Nintendo, Luigi and Peaches.

We uploaded the images to Canva and created the image (I used the A4 template size) and added some text underneath.






(Here’s an intro video to Canva by Marley Baird (she’s awesome) for those of you that haven’t used it before)

Once we were happy with the image, I saved it and downloaded it as a PDF. We printed it off and laminated it, took literally a couple of minutes!




We had to use the guillotine to cut a section off the bottom of the picture, as it was too tall for the box.

We then stuck four pieces of double sided sticky squares to each corner on the back of the sheet and then stuck it to the box!







It was so easy to do and the boy loved every minute of it!

Craft Mum!


Am I feeling smug? Yes! Am I going to turn into craft

Am I going to turn into craft mum? Probably not but I will definitely continue with my interest in Pinterest (that rhymed!) and who knows, maybe this Blog will get a repin or two!

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