Where did all this stuff come from?

Where did all this stuff come from?!

I have two small children and with children comes stuff, a lot of stuff!

Add to that fact that I am a bit of a hoarder and we have a problem – A house that has way too much stuff and not enough room for the people in it!






Declutter, what’s that?!


I am an avid YouTube fan, I love to watch all kinds of videos, but my favourite kind has to be the organisation ones!

You see all of these women with their storage baskets/tubs from Target (it’s usually American ones that are the most popular) and their label makers (I have three, I kid you not!) making everything look super organised!



They actively encourage you to purge/declutter before you start (this is where it all goes wrong for me), I get myself psyched up, ready to do this and end up buying a load of tubs and hoarding those instead!

Don’t touch Mommy’s stuff!


Prior to having children, I was a professional Salsa Dancer and my husband was a DJ, we had a lot of equipment in the house but when the kids arrived, and they got bigger, we knew our stuff wasn’t going to survive!


Our Storage Resolution


My husband decided to rent out a Storage Unit, I’d never really heard of them before (apart from movies where American Gangsters hid their stuff in them) but I agreed to get one, so I could hide my precious Conga Drums and my Pioneers!

I’m also a total tech head and I have various gadgets that are definitely not child-friendly!







You can check out Storage Units online with a lot of companies and see what’s available within your price range etc

Here’s a link to a Storage Unit that does just that:


There are images on there so if you are a visual person like me (and have no idea about sizes), it’s easier for you to figure out exactly how much space you will need!

They even do a virtual tour and you can see what types of items you can store, I got totally geeked out over that!

Other Options



You need to be brutal to do this, I keep picking up things and reminiscing about the time when my kids were tiny babies and didn’t have so much stuff!



I try really hard to do this, I give toys to my children’s school and I also take toys to the local Barnardo’s Drop Off Centre, then my mom brings more stuff home for them, vicious circle!



Only do this if you can’t donate, someone will always benefit, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that!

Good Luck!

Whatever you decide to do to reclaim your space, I hope it works out and you don’t get distracted by YouTube pantry videos like I usually do (I don’t even have a pantry)!




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