Mel presenting at the Scottish Salsa CongressDo you want to get fit but the thought of the gym terrifies you?

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Paranoid that everyone will judge you if you go to a class or enter a gym?

Want to lose weight but haven’t got a clue how?

With over 25 years experience in the Dance & Fitness Industry, and being a mom of two, Mel has a wealth of knowledge that she shares through Blog Posts, Articles and Videos! Mel is also a Personal Trainer and she teaches weekly group fitness classes through her fitness organisation Cardio Central.

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If you don’t feel ready for the world              Group fitness classes are a great way         Difficult to get out of the house due to

of group fitness classes, you are                    to get fit with a group of people who          childcare or other reasons? Work out with

probably better suited to 1-1 sessions!         feel the same way you do!                            Mel online with a broad range of workouts!





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