2021 – A New Years Day Blog

Last year I wrote about my hopes/goals for 2020 – No one could have foreseen the craziness that this year was going to bring!

As we move into 2021, I am a little apprehensive about what the future may bring but it’s not going to stop me from setting my intentions!

I’ve achieved more in the last 12 months than I have done in a long time and I put it down to my survival instincts kicking in. 

Studying wasn’t something I thought i’d do much of, I was wrong! And yes I will add a list of my achievements because I’m proud of myself!

I moved my physical business online, started a new job and achieved a lifelong ambition of going to University, all in the middle of a Global Pandemic!

Courses Completed in 2020:

Level 2 Mental Health Awareness

Fitness Pilates

Adore Your Pelvic Floor

Diastasis Detective

Level 2 Chair Based Exercise

Ability Not Disability

Level 3 Exercise for Active Older Adults (submitted December 2020 – Awaiting Results)

What Have I Learned

That I am stronger than I gave myself credit for – Call it what you want, survival mode, fight or flight. I cried, dusted myself off and dealt with it one day at a time.

That I am pretty damn smart – I’ve run courses, taken courses, got into Uni, transformed my business and finally started to believe in myself a bit more!

What Will I do Differently this year?

More self care, definitely! I feel like I worked solidly throughout 2020. Fearful that if I stopped, I wouldn’t be able to continue to generate revenue.

I want to get into a better sleeping pattern and I know that my diet isn’t as good as I want it to be. 

In terms of personal development, I shall continue to study and work towards becoming a better tutor. I want to be a better business owner and allow myself space to explore new things for pleasure, not just for work!

Better work/life balance, I have two young children and I want to spend more time with them.

Do I have any regrets?

Not really, I don’t think I could’ve done anything differently. I achieved more than I have done in a long time and hope to continue that drive in 2021. Because I want to, not out of necessity.

Have I grown?

Absolutely! My confidence has grown as has my self-belief. Yes I still have imposter syndrome but I’m getting better at fighting those self-doubt demons. I am lucky that I have a great support network around me.

Plans for 2021

To work on one goal at a time. I am planning on journaling regularly, it’s something that has always scared me as I’ve felt it’s quite restricting/intimidating. 

I’ve been watching YouTube videos about journaling and joined a couple of groups that focus on content as opposed to amazing looking spreads, so we shall see!

I’m working on making my goals more specific (we all know the SMART principle) so I can actually achieve them. This will help when I feel like a failure or put too much pressure on myself.

We shall see how I get on, hopefully, I’ll be able to share my experiences with you and you can share yours with me!

Happy New Year – Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

If you need help with your health and fitness journey, email me and let’s see how I can help you: info@themummytrainer.co.u

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