Adding a New String to my Bow!

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Running a fitness business during a time when you couldn’t be within two metres of another person was always going to have its challenges. I took my business online last year and I currently run group fitness classes and a full PT client list with clients across the UK. 


As the world slowly starts to migrate back towards a sense of normality, I knew I had to look at my business differently. I couldn’t go back to the way things were, it wasn’t going to be possible to have a full studio again, so I had to find another way to increase revenue.


The New String


I decided to look at my options and the earliest face to face fitness classes could be delivered (in accordance to the Government Road Map) was the 29th March 2021 (restrictions permitting). I knew that if I wanted to teach live classes again, I would need to venture outside!


Rachel Holmes, a fitness influencer, good friend and mentor runs a brand called Buggy Beat – It’s an outdoor cross-training fitness program for parents/carers and babies under the age of 5. 


I’d not done anything like this before and initially, I had my doubts – Could I teach a class like this? Could I teach outdoors? When you work for yourself, you have to be prepared to pivot (word of the year!) and so I signed up for the training.


The training was all pre-recorded so I could fit it in around my kids and it was packed full of all the information you could possibly need to run the sessions. There’s also a separate Instructor Forum where you can exchange ideas with other Buggy Beat Instructors which was really helpful.


So What is Buggy Beat?


As I said before, it’s an outdoor program designed for parents/carers and babies. The beauty of it is that you can structure the program delivery to suit your skillset, making it very flexible.


The sessions consist of Cardio and Resistance Training and you can use equipment or just Body Weight, making the financial outlay minimal. As I’m also a Pre and Postnatal specialist, this new venture works alongside my Personal Training business very well and I can fully support the students that attend the Buggy Beat sessions.


Warley Woods


I am very fortunate to live right by a beautiful Woods which is run by a Warley Woods Community Trust. They manage 100 acres of grade 2 listed, historic green space on behalf of the local community and they do a fantastic job!


I spoke to Viv Cole, the Trust Manager and she was very supportive about me bringing Buggy Beat to the Woods. Anything that encourages Community Activity has got to be a good thing right?

Start Date


My first course starts on Monday the 19th April 2021 at 10am and the course is almost full after only a week of promotion – I’m really looking forward to it and I will be posting a follow up after I deliver the first session!


If you want to book onto the next Buggy Beat course, here is the link: www.themummytrainer.co.uk/buggy-beat 

Here is the website for the trust, they rely on donations so if you can contribute, please do: https://www.warleywoods.org.uk/

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