Benefits of Fitness on Mental Health

UPDATE: I wrote this Blog mid 2019, since then, we have been through a global pandemic and the impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health has been catastrophic. Now more than ever, we need to take care of our mental health so please take the time to read this blog and consider the benefits.

 28th February 2022

It’s a well-known fact that exercise makes you feel good, you may feel like you are dying during the activity (that’s what my students tell me anyway!) but afterwards, you feel invincible, ready to take on the world (after you’ve had a nice hot shower and collapsed on the sofa)!

It is statistically proven that taking part in some form of exercise can increase your serotonin levels aka the happy hormone!

What is Serotonin?

Serotonin is a chemical nerve cells produce. It sends signals between your nerve cells. Serotonin is found mostly in the digestive system, although it’s also in blood platelets and throughout the central nervous system.

Serotonin helps regulate your mood naturally. When your serotonin levels are normal, you feel:

  • happier
  • calmer
  • more focused
  • less anxious
  • more emotionally stable


There are many ways exercise can aid mental health:

  • Raises your energy levels
  • Helps you become fitter
  • Makes you feel better about yourself
  • Relieves Stress
  • Meet new people

Let’s take a look at these in a little more detail:

Raises Your Energy Levels

Exercising regularly can help you feel less tired, physically and mentally, according to Samantha Heller, MS, RD, a nutrition advisor for the Journey for Control diabetes program

Just 15 minutes a day, 2-3 times per week can increase your energy levels and improve your mental and physical health!

You don’t need to follow a rigorous exercise regime either, low impact exercise like walking is more than adequate!

Helps You to Become Fitter

You don’t need to be a scientist or Personal Trainer to understand that taking part in regular activity will increase your fitness levels!

There are so many different ways to keep active, it’s easy enough to find something to suit you!

Hate the idea of going to the gym? Why not find a dance fitness class like Beatz Fitness?

You will be amazed how quickly your fitness levels will improve just by attending a class a couple of times a week!

Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

As I mentioned before, exercising releases those happy hormones and if you are exercising regularly and getting fitter, you are bound to feel better about yourself!

Exercise can also help you sleep better, which in turn, improve your mood and sleep is the bodies way of repairing/regenerating!

Your overall mood will be better, and you will feel good more often, those happy hormones are gooood!!

Relieves Stress

Have you ever felt so stressed/angry that you feel like you could hit something?

Physical activity can help to relax the muscles and relieve tension in the body, so grab a pair of gloves and go join in a Boxercise class or lace up those trainers and go for a run!

You’ll feel a lot better for it and you won’t get arrested for smacking the person that stressed you out in the first place!

Meet New People

When you feel low, it can be very hard to bring yourself out of your environment or even talk to people.

Going to a fitness class is a great way to meet new friends and take yourself out of what can be a very lonely situation.

Medical Professionals are starting to become more aware of the benefits of exercise and some doctors are prescribing exercise, not only for physical benefits but for mental and emotional benefits too!

Where do I Start?

Find out where your nearest Leisure Centre is and check out their timetable, there will be a great selection of classes to choose from and a lot of places give out free day passes for you to try before you buy!

You can also google fitness classes in your area or have a look on Facebook to see if there are any groups you contact prior to attending.

Finally, ask a friend or family member if they would go with you if you feel anxious about going.

Finding the right class/exercise group can be life changing, now that you know about the benefits, give it a go, it can only benefit you right?

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