Is Fitness Still Popular?

Even though costs of living are going up and a lot of fitness professionals are experiencing dips in class numbers, this Think with Google article suggests that people are still searching for ways to stay active!

Do we need to change the way we market to stay current?

What should we do differently as fitness professionals to ensure that our businesses stay afloat?

Video is still very much king when it comes to creating content for engagement, there are so many different options now; Reels, Stories, Lives (I watched a great interview between Ian Anderson Gray and Louise Brogan, both huge advocates of live video) – It’s hard sometimes to know where to start!

My simple advice is to pick up your camera and press record, you can always delete it afterwards but you have to start somewhere! Everyones first few videos are crap but they do get better and ok content (as long as the message is clear/advice is good) is better than no content!

Do you use video in your fitness business?

What kind of content are you creating?

Comment below and let’s have a conversation 🙂

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