Back to School Supplies – An Unconventional List!

Going back to school can be daunting for any child, they are moving up into a new school year,  they may have the same classmates but their teacher will more than likely be someone different!


Can you imagine how nerve-wracking that must be?!


Schools often supply a list of things that you need to give to your children to take into school that they will need throughout the year.


My daughter is seven now (she’s nearly 8) as she grows older and develops, there are a few extra things that she needs to have to hand.


I’ve put together a ‘refreshment kit’ for her to have in her bag should she need certain items.


First things first!


Make sure that you get a nice bag for your child to put all of these items in! Something discreet but to their liking 🙂


It also helps if the bag is leakproof – I’ve given my daughter tissues and hand cream to take into school before and they’ve ended up all over her bag and in some cases, her school books!


I’ve got her a nice little bag where she can put all the essential things in it but it won’t take up too much space in her rucksack.



I’m going to talk about this from a female perspective as I’m talking about my daughter (this can totally work for boys) and I’ll update this blog when my son is old enough to need one for his bag!



I’ve explained why she needs these things – She’s fairly mature for her age and I’m hoping this will make the puberty/periods chat a lot easier when the time comes!


Here is a list of items I have in my daughter’s refreshment bag:

Number One – Tissues


My daughter always has a runny nose – It can be any time of year, guaranteed she will need a tissue! I have made sure that she has a full pack of tissues in her bag to avoid the sleeve alternative!


I also have a stash of tissues at home, so when she runs out it’s not a problem for me to replace them, lol!


Number Two – Deodorant


As my daughter is getting older she is starting to perspire a.k.a. sweat and at the end of a school day, she can smell a little ‘ripe’!!


She knows how important it is to keep clean, after she’s had a shower in the morning, she always applies deodorant before getting dressed.


We all know as we grow older, your body goes through a series of changes and so she is very conscious about smelling at school.


I decided to put both roll-on deodorant and antiperspirant in her bag as she likes to run around a lot at lunchtime.


If she needs to have a quick spray or a quick freshen up before she goes into class, she knows that she has the opportunity to do that.

Number Three – Hand Gel


It’s not always possible to get to the bathroom and wash your hands especially when you’re a young child and you’re running around in the playground!


Bath and Body Works Hand Gel

Before you know it, the bell has gone, and it’s time to go back into class! 


She can access it quite easily just a very quick squeeze for clean hands and she’s good to go!



Number 4 – Lip Balm



Zoella Lip Balm

My daughter is very similar to me we both suffer from dry lips, especially when the weather turns cold.


I’ve included lip balm for this very reason – I put in a small tub as easy for her to access and doesn’t take up too much room.



Number Five – Hand Cream


I included hand cream again for a similar reason as the lip balm, our hands also get quite dry.  I didn’t want her to suffer especially when she’s doing activities at school, such as painting or clay modelling etc.


This very small container of hand lotion goes a long way,  she can just put a tiny little problem hands rub it in and again she doesn’t have to worry about her hands becoming dry.


Number 6 – Hair Brush (and hair bands)


For some reason, a lot of the girls in my daughters’ class like to take their hair out during the day from time to time!


My daughter is at an age now where she can put her back into a bobble and keep it fairly tidy, so I’ve included a hairbrush and bubbles for those times where her hair inadvertently comes out!




I hope you find this useful, I know it’s not exactly the conventional list that schools supply!


None of the items in the bag were very expensive – We already had them all to hand, so I was able to put the bag together very quickly!


Trust me, as our children are getting older, they are going to need more things to help them on their ‘development journey’ and hopefully prevent/minimise any potential embarrassing circumstances at school!


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