Be Accountable!

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Finding the motivation to work out can be difficult sometimes, the easiest excuse to not train/go to class is taken almost instantly and if we are honest, we spend a good few minutes justifying to ourselves why it was enough to miss our workout!


Most of the common excuses for missing class/workout are:

  • I’ve just got it
  • It’s freezing outside/raining
  • I’m really tired
  • I can’t come on my own


I could go on, but I won’t, I’m sure you heard them all before and maybe even used a few yourself (I know I have)!


Find an Accountability Buddy!


One of the best ways to combat this is to find an accountability buddy, someone who will give you encouragement and likewise, you will do the same for them!


Some of the guys that come to our classes car share, this helps them massively as whoever isn’t driving has to stick around for a lift home, lol!


Seriously, it’s a great system for some of our guys, it also means that some people who can’t drive, can get a lift to/from class if they need it.

We have a great community feel at our classes and we believe that’s part of what makes us so successful where others have failed/struggled.


Make your intentions public



Now I don’t mean tell everyone everything (!) but if you want to learn how to run, share it with people in your life that you know will encourage you!


Post your successes online or share them with the other students in the Cardio Central FB Group.


I’ve done this before and it really does work – People send you messages and ask you how you are getting on, it’s a confidence boost and also a ‘damn I’d better get this done’!


Give it a go!


So, what do you say, shall we do this together?


Let’s hold each other accountable, what is it that you just can’t find the motivation for?

Make sure you check out our Motivation Blog too, I’m sure you will find it inspiring!

Comment on this blog and let me know what you want to achieve, no matter how big or small!


Let me help you to help yourself, let’s get it done!


  1. Charlotte

    My goal feels massive – I want to get down to a size 14 for my wedding. There is no date set currently, which I think is what is stopping me from really push forward with it and going after it. Seems there is no end goal or deadline.

    I think Becca is my accountability buddy 🙂 hope she’s gone along to Zumba tonight even tho I’m on holiday!!! xxx

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