Buggy Beat Launch

The day had finally arrived and I was filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement – This might sound quite strange to some people as I’ve been in the industry for years. I’m often told that I always seem really calm and together whether I’m teaching a class of 20 or presenting to 200 … Read more

Adding a New String to my Bow!

Running a fitness business during a time when you couldn’t be within two metres of another person was always going to have its challenges. I took my business online last year and I currently run group fitness classes and a full PT client list with clients across the UK.    As the world slowly starts … Read more

The Importance of Stretching

We live in an age where the most common position we take is seated.   Whether it’s working from a desk, watching Netflix or slumped on the couch whilst on your phone, more and more people are living sedentary lifestyles and it’s damaging. Flexibility should be included in our every day life, the older and … Read more

Weights Will Not Make You Bulky!

There’s a common misconception that weight training will make you bulky. I find this extremely frustrating as it’s actually one of the best ways to burn fat and get that ‘toned look’ you are looking for! Understanding the Myth In order for us (ladies) to bulk up, we would need to produce a large amount … Read more