Yvonne Radly – Big Me Up Media

Workshops: How to get into the Press and Instagram Stories

Yvonne Radley has been a journalist for more than 30 years working in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV at both national and local level.

She’s written for the BBC, Capital FM where she was Regional Editor for the East Midlands, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Star, The Mirror, and has had FIVE front pages on national newspapers during her career.

She was nominated for an IRN Award (Radio Oscars and radio division of ITN) for her documentary on missing toddler Madeleine McCann, a global story that hit the headlines when she disappeared while on holiday in Portugal with her parents.

After being made redundant in 2010 she started her own company Big Me Up Media and now does Business and Media Coaching in the fitness, health and wellness niche teaching people how to grow their profile and grow their profits.

She loves a mood board as much as a deadline and now spends most of her time on her signature program The Dream Life Academy teaching solo-preneurs how to build a business around their lives to live their dream, whatever that looks like to them.

Claire Goodliff – Project Mayhem

Workshop: Visibility

Claire has spent many years refining her skills as an innovation and business development consultant for a wide range of companies and startups with a focus in the fitness and leisure industry for 16 years, as well as launching her own solo and joint ventures.

Her experience and continued willingness to take risks and live boldly with passion and purpose, to step back and re-evaluate, refresh and rejuvenate, clarify and redirect precious time, focus and resources make for a very welcome guiding presence in your ventures.

“I take the time to understand and learn about who and where you are, your brand and vision, where you want to get to and helps you create a clear and exciting path forward.

I myself, have been in all stages of startup to successful brand many times, so I really know the process and the personal journey that comes with it, making me an honest, practical coach as well as champion of your vision who will encourage and empower you each step from idea to the final outcome.”

Claire also works for EMD UK, the national governing body of group fitness, working with fitness organisations to launch their business or additional training products. In addition, she runs a successful fitness events company and business support company.

Cathy Wassell – Socially Contented

Workshop: Facebook Ads

Cathy Wassell is a Lead Generation Strategist specialising in Facebook Ads and LinkedIn.

She helps businesses, coaches and consultants to find a steady stream of new clients. Cathy has over 20 years of marketing experience and now runs her own Social Media Agency, Socially Contented, as well as a membership for small businesses, Go With The Pro.

Nicole Osborne – Lollipop Social

Workshop: How to Build Your Personal Brand

Nicole Osborne is a marketing consultant based in London and the founder of Lollipop Social. Nicole helps entrepreneurs get sweeter marketing and social media results.

Originally from Eastern Germany, Nicole works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase their influence and visibility on social media with stand-out personal brands and engaging content marketing.

Nicole’s marketing career started at the Financial Times nearly 20 years ago. She is a Chartered Marketer and has successfully delivered marketing plans for leading brands, social media marketing agencies and tech start-ups.

Nicole loves to share sweet tips and has been a guest on numerous Twitter chats and marketing podcasts. She is a regular marketing events speaker talking about how to increase visibility and get better results with on brand and non-vanilla content.

Nicole launched her new vlog series: Wunderbar The Marketing Efficiency Show with time-saving tips for people who want to grow their audience and feel proud again of how they come across on social.

Nicole is a co-founder of GoWithThePro a brand-new online membership group which helps social media and digital marketing freelancers to grow their businesses. Why not join the #GoWithThePro Twitter chat every Thursday at 8 pm?




Go With The Pro




Nicky Lloyd Greame – The Stress Specialist

Workshop: Mindset for the Entrepreneur

Nicky’s (a.k.a. The Stress Specialist) passion for training & coaching has always been led by her desire to help, support and inspire people. In her younger years this was mainly through fitness and dance, but now she has expanded her knowledge and expertise to help people on a much deeper level.

Today, her coaching and training focus mainly on the mind and mindset, and she uses her skills to not only help groups of people but also individuals through her 1:1 sessions, workshops and courses.

Using her experience, business and human psychology expertise she creates and delivers bespoke training & coaching programme’s that positively impact individuals: by helping them develop a stronger and more resilient mindset, and businesses: through the personal and professional development of their leaders and teams.

She passionately believes that the secret to every successful business lies with its people – no matter what size business it is. In her experience within corporate PLCs, Limited companies and small businesses – across a number of different industries including IT, Banking, Power, and Retail – she has repeatedly experienced the detrimental impact that neglect in this key area can have.

Nicky’s empathetic yet pragmatic training & coaching style has evolved over time, as an NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Salsa Teacher (yes, she has taught and performed all over the UK and Europe).

She has trained and coached thousands of people in the last 20+ years, building and adding to their skills whilst enabling and encouraging a more positive and effective mindset.

Her aim is always to leave them with the tools and techniques they need to continue to grow and develop long after she has left the building.