How I’m Spending NYE 2019

Since becoming a parent, NYE has taken a bit of a back seat – In fact, prior to meeting my husband, I was a right party goer on NYE, always had to be somewhere where the tunes were pumping and the alcohol was flowing!

When I met hubby, we did that the first year but then after that, we ended up DJing at Salsa/Latin Parties for a few years, partied and got paid, result!

When I became pregnant with our first child, I was so big and tired around Christmas/NYE that all I wanted to do was sleep!

A good friend of ours has come round and celebrated with us every NYE (bar one when I was pregnant with my son and was big and exhausted, again) for the last nine years and our routine doesn’t deviate much!

This year will be a little different as her partner is coming with her this time and we thought we’d make a little bit more effort as its the end of a decade!

I’m going to break down what we usually do:


We usually order a Chinese or Indian from our favourite restaurant, lay it all out on the table and eat until we can’t move!

This year I’m going to do a buffet, dress the table nicely and make it feel a bit more partyish! 

Here are a few things that I will be doing:

  • Cheese and Pineapple (this is just for me, no one else!)
  • Mini Pizzas (not for me, I’m allergic!)
  • Mini Sliders (Hot Dogs and burgers)
  • Mini Quiches
  • Mini Cheese Souffles
  • Mini Spring rolls (there’s a ‘mini’ theme going on here)

To be honest, I’m going to buy like 95% of this stuff from Aldi – They have a great range of party food and it’s literally going to cost the same as we would pay for our usual curry!

My friend is vegetarian so I’ll be on the hunt for veggie-friendly party food, this will work quite well as I’m planning on giving up meat for January, so I can scoff the veggie leftovers!

I went veggie for a week last year and it was a definite experience, check out that video review below!



My kids tend to drink water but occasionally I let them have juice so I shall be buying a selection:

Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Shloer (this is on offer EVERYWHERE at the moment)


Wine (hubby drinks this and so does my friend, i can’t stand the stuff)

Ballycastle (from Aldi, OMG this stuff is so nice!)

We have a ton of alcohol in one of the kitchen cupboards so I may have a little tipple, I don’t really drink anymore (kids again) and I’m doing Dry January so I won’t be going crazy!

I found a really cool guide to Healthy Cocktails if you fancy trying them out and also getting a head start on that healthier lifestyle in 2020!


We have a ton of Board Games and an XBox, it’s highly unlikely we will deviate from this particular style of entertainment.

We always make sure we watch Jools Holland, he always has great guests and the music is awesome! I have to admit I felt cheated when I found out it wasn’t live (sorry if you didn’t know)!


We watch the countdown on Jools Holland and then we look out of the window and watch the fireworks being let off at all of the various parties happening in the area.

It’s free, it’s safer and we are in the warm, what more could you ask for? The kids love it and I’m not clock watching until I can get home and take my shoes off!


There are a plethora of cures out there but here are my tips:

On The Night

  1. Drink water in between alcoholic drinks (if you don’t get too tipsy to remember)
  2. Make sure you eat before (hence the huge buffet that will be happening)
  3. Have a cuppa and a shower before bed
  4. Take a bottle of water to bed 

The Following Morning

  1. Shower (if you couldn’t be arsed the night before)
  2. Open a window
  3. Clean – Yes I said CLEAN! This work every time,  I sweat the alcohol out of me!

If you don’t do any of the above, make sure you have nothing planned for the following day and if you have kids, get someone else to look after them!

I hope you have an incredible night, whatever it is that you decide to do – We get to see another decade through and even though you don’t have to wait for a new year to set goals, sometimes, it just makes it all that more magical to do so!

Happy New Year to you, see you on the other side!

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