I’m launching a Podcast!

Podcast Time!

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks nearly every day and I love them!

I love YouTube but it’s not always convenient for me to watch a video while I’m trying to clean the house and I certainly couldn’t do that on a long car journey!

Community Radio

I used to have a radio show years ago on a local community radio station called Newstyle Radio and I loved it! This was back in the day before Facebook and when people used to pick up the phone to make requests, not email or text!

Podcasting is a great way to find out information or just to keep you entertained while you are doing some mundane task!

My favourite podcasts are by Social Media Examiner and Amy Schmittaeur, I also love Audible for when I’m travelling, although I sometimes have to watch what I’m listening to when I have the kids in the car!

Check out this article from Careful Cents about Audible: https://www.carefulcents.com/audible-review


I belong to a Mastermind group called Atomic and there are some amazing people in there! I recently connected with two guys (Chris and Anthony) that run a company called Abrupt Audio, they were offering free 15 minute Skype calls for anyone with an interest in podcasting so I jumped straight on that deal!

The Skype call was extremely informative and I picked up a lot in a short space of time! They also have a Facebook group called Podtips where you can pick up valuable tips from podcasters of all levels and it’s a really nice group from what I’ve seen so far.

The Mummy Trainer Podcast?!

So, this morning I bit the bullet and recorded an intro for my podcast, created a page and an intro video to promote on Social Media, then I pressed post and voila and put myself out there!

If you are a regular to my blog or Social Media channels, then you will have an idea of how my podcasts will be delivered. [bctt tweet=”If you are new here, welcome and hopefully, you will be in for a treat!” username=”mambocita”]

I’m hoping to Podcast once a week, it may be more like once a fortnight, to begin with, but I hope that you will follow my journey regardless!

Wish me luck guys, here’s another string to my bow!

Mel is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Tutor and Blogger, she is passionate about what she does and her blogs represent her opinion (and she is pretty opinionated!).

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