Mel’s Guide to a Super Green Smoothie!

Do you want to know how to make a Pinterest worthy smoothie without it looking like brown sludge?


Would love to make them as you know they are healthy but you just don’t have the time (aka can’t be arsed)?


PS. They are full of nutrients, taste pretty good and are perfect for when you are frantically trying to get the kids up, dressed and in the car! #breakfastonthego


Step 1: Ingredients!


Do not over complicate this! This is the simple rule of thumb:


  • Greens                     
  • Sweetener              
  • Liquid


There are an abundance of recipes out there that give you an ingredients list as long as your arm!

But if you are new to the game, just start with three and you can add to it along the way!



I use two types of green veg: Kale and Spinach – This is mainly due to them being fairly cheap and always available in Aldi!



I am not talking about sugar or that chemical replacement crap (NEWSFLASH – They are not good for you!), I’m referring to fruit that will sweeten your smoothies naturally!


I use:


  •       Pineapple
  •       Banana
  •       Apple 


Again, you can source these all year round from Aldi and they are cheap as kale chips (let’s keep it healthy people)!



I only use one type of liquid for my smoothies and that’s coconut water.


This is a great way to get nutrients into you, it’s great for hydration and for me personally, it tastes better than whacking Almond or Soy milk in (bleurgh)!


Here’s an article I found that lists the benefits of drinking Coconut water:


Added Extras

If you want to ramp things up a bit, I like to add the following for a bit of extra zing to my smoothies:


  •       Ginger
  •      Lemon/Lime
  •      Chia Seeds


     You can also add extra veg if you choose to, I like to add Carrot and Cucumber occasionally.

Check out the image below for one of my favourite Green Smoothie Recipes!

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