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Everybody suffers from demotivation at some time or another and if they tell you they don’t, they are lying!

Working in the fitness industry means motivation is always at the forefront of my mind, how can I motivate my students if I can’t motivate myself?

I struggle a lot, but I have a secret, do you want to know what it is?!

It’s you lot (our students)!





Social Media


I have a love/hate relationship with Social Media, but it is awesome for me when our student’s post/tag us in their pre/post workout selfies/complaints about being beasted etc!

I’m training my mom at the moment (check us out on Instagram @themummytraineruk) – we train (well she does) every Tuesday and we’ve just added Sundays (when I’m not working) to our timetable!

She is 78 this year and is one of the most motivated women I have ever come across (you think I’ve got drive, this is where I get it from)!

Moms Fitness Journey


We’ve been training for a few months now, I document her journey on Instagram (she’s got a bloody fan club!) as it helps her (and me) to see how far she has come!

This morning (23/1/18) we went to the gym (we go to X4L) and the receptionist greeted us with a ‘Just the lady I wanted to see’, I was thinking ‘crap, has my membership expired’, she was talking to mom!

Apparently, the staff had been asked to nominate a member who motivated them the most and she had chosen mom!








Mom got a free X4L Motivation T-shirt, which she insisted on putting straight on, then smashed out a hard-core workout, to the admiring glances of all the other women in there!









So, when you feel your motivation waning and you’re struggling to ‘Dig Deep’ (thanks, Shaun T), just think about my mom, the 77-year-old badass who loves to lift weights!

Mel is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Tutor and Blogger, she is passionate about what she does and her blogs represent her opinion (and she is pretty opinionated!).


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