National Obesity Week 2019

It’s National Obesity Week and I’m always a bit miffed when topics like this are given a week of their own for a few reasons:

  1. It shouldn’t need to be given a week of its own for people to be aware that this is a serious issue that affects people every single day!
  2. There isn’t enough awareness being raised by people in the fitness industry (myself included) as it almost seems like a taboo subject that some fit pros are afraid to mention?!
  3. Did I mention this is a serious issue that affects people daily?!

Yes I know it’s good to raise awareness but do we need to dedicate a week to it and then be like “shit, I missed it, never mind, I’ll do it next year?!

Obesity in the Black Country

I live just outside of Birmingham, and there was an article in the Express and Star recently that stated over 60000 children in the Black Country fail to exercise regularly and another article in the Birmingham Mail stated that 1 in 4 children in the Black Country are Obese!

As if that wasn’t enough, new figures show that more than a quarter of 10- and 11-year-olds are now clinically obese!!

Click here to read the Express and Star article:

Click here to read the Birmingham Mail article:

Defining Obesity

Quote from the NHS Website:

There are many ways in which a person’s health in relation to their weight can be classified, but the most widely used method is body mass index (BMI).

Now whilst I don’t use this scale as a guide for weight loss when I train my clients as it doesn’t take Muscle Mass into consideration, it’s an ok guideline.

Have a look at the NHS BMI Calculator, they provide a very clear guide and they also explain how to take your measurements (something I do with my clients):

NHS BMI Calculator 

What is going on?

I mean, wth people?!

I know we live in a world where convenience is king, speed is queen and apparently, ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to what we are putting into ours and our children’s bodies!!

People complain that it’s expensive to eat healthily, I call bullshit on that statement!

Shopping Frugally

When you have places like Aldi, Lidl and Asda with their wonky veg ranges, the specials they do on fruit and veg, don’t you dare tell me that it’s easier/cheaper to grab a pizza and a bag of bloody frozen chips!!

You can even check online before you go instore to see what they have on offer, check out Aldis Super 6 page on their website, in fact, go ahead and bookmark that sucker!

All it takes is a tiny bit of research, even that’s not hard “Alexa/Siri – Homemade Pizza recipe” or “Google, how do you make chips from scratch”?!

Childs Play

I’ve got two kids and I fall foul to the old processed food route sometimes but more often than not, I’ll cook from scratch because I know exactly what they are eating!

As they are getting older, I teach them how to make things for themselves so:

1. They understand how to do it

2. They know where their food comes from (you would be surprised how many kids don’t know where the fish in their fish fingers or the chicken in their nuggets come from)

3. They are learning how to fend for themselves!

We have support from our education system, schools have to serve healthier food now but that’s not enough, we need to pick up the slack at home too!

It’s our responsibility as parents/guardians to educate our children before this problem becomes even bigger, and trust me, its big (no pun intended)!

You may be reading this thinking, it’s not that bad surely?

Well, yes it is actually, apart from the obvious physical changes, there are conditions that have been clinically proven to be linked to Obesity: Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)  not to mention the fact that it can lead to Type 2 Diabetes and has been linked to Cancer?!

Here’s one of the best explanations I’ve seen to date about Obesity, how it’s measured and the impact it has:

What Can We Do?

You or your child don’t need to be classed as obese to make changes to your lifestyle, it’s a combination of healthier food choices and regular exercise!

You can start by looking at your current food choices and swapping them for a healthier option: water instead of juice, more veg on your plate and less processed food!

The NHS website is a great place to start, the changes can be really simple but you will see a change very quickly.

If you don’t feel confident enough to choose a selection of recipes, or you don’t know where to start – I have a 28 Day Meal Plan with easy to follow recipes, here’s the link if you want to buy it:

28 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan

If you are local to my area, we run a Family Fit Camp every Wednesday at Oldbury Academy, the class is suitable for 6 years and upwards, its designed for parents/guardians and children to exercise and educate themselves about leading a healthier lifestyle!

Here’s the link to the class information:


We live in a world that is so technologically advanced, yet we are in one of the worst states when it comes to Obesity and that is sad.

Let’s do something about it now, it’s not too late for us and it certainly isn’t too late for our children!


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