Nicky Lloyd Greame – MIB

Nicky Lloyd Greame – Founder of People and Potential and The Stress Specialist!

Nicky & her daughter Elliyah

Welcome Nicky, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed!

1. Tell us a bit about you! 

What do you want to know?? 😉 I’m a 40+ year old single mum with a gorgeous teenage daughter and we’ve been the dream team since she was 18 months old.

It has always been important to me to be there as much as possible for my daughter so I’ve had to be quite creative with my job choices in order to facilitate this.

I’ve had quite an interesting and varied career, both as an employee and running my own businesses.… all of which have all contributed to what is now my perfect job – the job I am meant to do.

Undress The Stress

I’ve also just finished writing my first book (Undress the Stress) which will be published later this year and I spend a lot of time campaigning for mental health awareness for adults and children – and of course stopping the stigma associated with it.

For fun, I love dancing (salsa), playing squash and I’m a proper bookworm – fiction and self-development type books. I’m constantly learning. ☺

2. What is your business?

I run a coaching & training business, helping people who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression in addition to those who need help with confidence and self-esteem issues.

The Stress Specialist

I also go into companies and train people how to improve resilience and manage people who struggle with stress at work.

I use a combination of NLP, CBT, coaching and other techniques I’ve learned and developed over the last 10 years or so to help people transform and lead happier, fuller lives.

Sounds like a big cheesy statement but that’s exactly what my clients say.

3. Did you encounter any difficulties?

I honestly don’t think anyone who runs their own business doesn’t – and to be honest the difficulties I’ve had have proven to be the times where I’ve learned the most.

From cash flow, to finding new clients, being ripped off my clients, experiencing that overwhelm and not having anyone to bounce ideas off and of course having to be every ‘department’ and do every task can be quite scary – especially when you have to learn a new skill in order to do it.

4. Greatest Success Story

My daughter (of course), overcoming my own mental health issues (stress, anxiety & depression) and turning them into such a positive by now helping others who are experiencing similar struggles… all without any budget.

Most recently, I received a very excited call from one of my clients who when I began work with them believed they would not work again…. And they had just been offered an amazing job.

They were so happy and so positive – and exactly the kind of moment I dream of for all my clients.

5. Favourite Social Media Platform

Facebook – I do have other platforms but must confess I have a very low presence on them.

6. Top Business Tip

Ask for help – don’t be alone in this. The most successful people have coaches, mentors, friends – people to advise them, vent to, ask questions to and so on.

We thrive the most when we have people around us, choose your tribe carefully and keep them close.

Remember: No (wo)man is an island

7. Is there anything you would like to add?

When you run your own business there is a huge temptation to prioritise ‘work’ over everything else – because you think you have to, you may even believe you have no choice.

The reality is you always have a choice. Schedule in time for your kids, time for you (that’s not work), time for friends and relationships.

If you take that time to look after yourself, you become a much better version of you and will be able to give your absolute best in your business.

Thank you for your time Nicky, I really appreciate it and I know that the readers will too!

You can find Nicky on the following Social Media channels:

Twitter: @undressstress




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