Old Dresser Cafe Review

It was Day 3 of the Easter Holidays and my car was booked in for its MOT (cue feelings of dread)!


I had about an hour to kill and both of the kids with me, so we dropped it off and walked up to find somewhere to eat!


We live in Bearwood and it has lots of small business premises, as a small business owner myself, I like to support others.


We had heard about a few cafes that were close to Kwikfit so we decided to try somewhere new to pass the time, and we were hungry (nothing new there)!

As we walked along the High Street, we spotted a few different places to eat but this one particular place stood out.


We crossed the road walked into the Old Dresser Café, I was instantly struck by its quaintness!


The décor is very unique, a mixture of old and new items decorated the café and there was a lot to take in!


The children loved the Zip Wallpaper and the neon lights, my daughter spotted an old-fashioned gramophone and we all loved the multicoloured chairs!


The menu combined Polish and English food, they have a great selection of food, there’s definitely something for everyone!


We quickly decided on breakfast, I really struggled to choose from the breakfast choices!


They didn’t have a dedicated children’s menu, but they were very accommodating with the children wanting different things!

We decided on a Build Your Own Breakfast for the children to share, I had a standard English Breakfast and a pot of Green Tea with honey.


They had a great selection of Tea Leaves, which was great to see as I do love my tea!


We didn’t have to wait very long for our food and it was incredible! The meat is sourced from a small family farm and you can certainly tell the difference!


We completely demolished our breakfasts and it didn’t take long for the children to spot the cakes!

They decided to share a piece of chocolate cake which they very kindly warmed up and added Ice Cream and cream to the plate, heaven for my two!

The entire thing came to less than £20, an absolute bargain in my option!


We had a great time there, it was a great atmosphere, coupled with great food and great customer service, who could ask for more!

If you are looking for somewhere unique to visit, make sure you check them out:


The Old Dresser Café

434 Bearwood Road


B66 4EY


You can also book in advance (advisable on weekends) and they have a great selection of homemade products on their website:




This is not a sponsored post, I enjoyed my experience that much, I wanted to share it with others!



Small businesses won’t survive without the support of others so if you enjoy a product/service/experience, share!

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