Tropic Skin Care Review!

Tropic Skin Care


I was asked to review this range of Skin Care products by a friend in the Fitness Industry. My skin care regime is very basic, I use face wash, day cream and night cream, that’s it!

I only started a regime in my late 20s as my old manager told me that you should always look after your skin (she looked pretty great and was in her fifties when I left that job about 12 years ago), I’d not really thought about it before tbh but figured I’d better get on it as I had visions of my skin being all rubbery and horrible!

The Skincare parcel arrived on my doorstep, I was very excited as I usually review fitness products and this was something designed for me, woo!

My skin takes a bit of a beating with a combination of cold weather and sweat from classes/workouts – I have pretty good skin but I know it’s not enough and I was hoping that the products in the bag would help me take better care of it!

I was sent a travel kit, which included the following items:

  • Smoothing Cleanser
  • Vitamin Toner
  • Skin Revive
  • Organic Elixir
  • Tamanu Rescue
  • A very nice flannel!

The presentation was great, 10/10 for packaging – The product sizes were very generous as well, considering this was a Travel Kit!

I put aside my regular regime and used the products for a week, here’s how I got on:

Smoothing Cleanser

Once I figured out how to use it properly (my bad), this stuff was great! My skin felt really clean, without the dry or tight feeling that some cleansers give you!

Vitamin Toner

This was a great little product to have in my bag – I used it when I needed refresh, usually after the school run! Very handy and dried quickly too, which helps when you’re in a rush!

Skin Revive

This smelt amazing! I’m not sure if it made me look radiant but I liked the fact that it wasn’t too greasy and the smell made me feel really fresh!

Organic Elixer

Now, I didn’t like this one, it made my skin feel greasy and I made sure that I didn’t use too much!

I’m mixed race and my skin type is pretty good, can be a touch dry depending on the weather and slight oily patches by the side of my nose and my forehead on occasion.

This one definitely didn’t suit me at all!

Tamanu Rescue

This was probably my favourite product out of the whole bag! I suffer with dry lips when the weather is cold and this was perfect for me! It soothed my lips and wasn’t greasy at all!

Loved it!

All in all, a pretty good kit with some great products in – Would be ideal for a present or to take away on a short break!

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