Why should Fitness Professionals Blog?

When you work in an industry that is completely saturated, you need to look for different ways to stand out!

It’s no good relying solely on Social Media, even if that is where you get most of your clients from!

Look at what happened when Facebook went down recently, did you panic?


I know a lot of people that did because they relied on Facebook for their businesses!

 I’ve been blogging since 2015 and it’s done a number of things for me as a Fitness Professional:

  1. I can share knowledge with people who want to read it
  2. I have a platform outside of Social Media, so I don’t need to rely on different platforms to convey my message
  3. I get to write in depth about different topics that interest me
  4. I’m positioning myself as an expert in my industry
  5. I get booked to speak at events because I’m considered an expert in my field
  6. I don’t have to compete with 100s of other Fitness Professionals fighting to get clients in the same arena
  7. I get to share my knowledge and experience with people that want/need it
  8. I get PAID to write about Fitness (I also get sent a ton of FREE shizzle)!
  9. Did I mention that I get PAID?!

There are a few more reasons but these are the main reasons that I blog, it may be different for you.

What is a Blog?

A Blog is basically a website where you host your Blog posts.

There are a ton of different providers out there, I’m going to tell you about two:


WIX – www.wix.com

Wix is a free website builder, it’s basically drag and drop and is very easy to use (IMO).

It has a Blog function and it comes with tutorials so you could have a blog up and running in no time at all!

FREE/Paid Option Also


I use WordPress, my husband set up my blog for me in Joomla originally (we are not even gonna go there) and then when WordPress became more popular, we moved – Best Decision Ever!

I had to teach myself how to use as he basically made me to do it – I think he got fed up of putting my Blog Posts online for me

What this also does is gives you somewhere to put your Class/PT/Business details, yay!

What should I write about?

That is entirely up to you!

I write about Health and Fitness Issues, I also cover mental health as it’s a subject I’m passionate about.

What I would recommend is writing about something that interests you or you will get stuck very quickly!

How do I write my first Blog?

Think of a Blog Post as an extension of a Facebook status, ideal length is between 500 – 1000 words (this is my opinion, some people write more, others write less) and should include Headings and some images to break up the text!

Make sure you that you write your blog in word first, I made the mistake of only writing my blogs via my website posts and I lost a ton of posts when my website crashed years ago, never again!

Blogging Resources

You can create lots of great images to go with your Blogs, check out my Blogging for Fit Pros resources page for lots of great ideas!

That’s pretty much it, this blog was not How to Blog, it was why you should Blog, so now you need to go forth and Blog my children!

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