Your One Word by Evan Carmichael

I Love Books!

I was recently contacted by Evan Carmichael in regards to his new book ‘Your One Word’. Books are an obsession of mine – I love to read! I have a ridiculous amount at home and a fully loaded kindle!

I’ve followed Evan on Youtube for quite some time, so I was honoured to have been asked to review the book!

Your One Word?

The book was an e-copy, I used Adobe Digital Editions so I could read it on my new iPad (any excuse). It also gave me an excuse to switch off and get some me time!

I would say it’s a book for anyone wanting to get into business or those who are already in it and struggling!

It definitely helped me to find my ‘Word’ – I feel more focused and understand my business a lot more now!

Delving into Youtube!

The video is on my YouTube Channel, woo hoo! I am hoping to upload more videos soon, who knows, maybe book reviews will be my thing!

Here’s the link to my channel: The Mummy Trainer

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Find out more about Evan Carmichael

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Links to Evans website and YouTube Channel are below, I hope you enjoy the video and make sure you buy the book!

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