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The Mummy Trainer

Helping Busy Mums Reach Their Fitness Potential!


Being a mum is hard, you have to wear an array of hats and you put everyone else’s needs before your own so how the hell are you supposed to take care of yourself?

What Can I Do For You?

I offer advice and guidance through Blogs, Articles and Videos – I also review products that you may find useful, either for yourself or your family.

I cover:

Health and Fitness

Parenting and family life

Emotional Well Being

Physical and Mental Health

Sexual Health


I also provide online (and in person) PT Sessions, Meal Plans and Workout Guides so that you have everything you need to get you on your Fitness Journey


The Blog

  • Top Tips To Regain Focus And Be Successful!

    Working for yourself can be very difficult and sometimes very lonely!   You are responsible for your own work schedule, you aren’t surrounded by colleagues to bounce ideas off and…

  • Benefits of Fitness on Mental Health

    It’s a well-known fact that exercise makes you feel good, you may feel like you are dying during the activity (that’s what my students tell me anyway!) but afterwards, you feel invincible, ready to take on the world (after you’ve had a nice hot shower and collapsed on the sofa)!

  • Old Dresser Cafe Review

    Food! The menu combined Polish and English food, they have a great selection of food, there’s definitely something for everyone!   We quickly decided on breakfast, I really struggled to…

  • Why should Fitness Professionals Blog?

    When you work in an industry that is completely saturated, you need to look for different ways to stand out! It’s no good relying solely on Social Media, even if…

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • After a year or so out of the fitness industry I decided that I wanted to have PT sessions for myself as I never really had time for my own fitness development. I couldn’t think of anyone better than Mel, her motivation and upbeat style and her vast knowledge, just knew how to get the best out of me.

    Clare Gore - PT Client
  • It was through the personal friendship that my wife has with Mel and the fact that Mel is also my wife’s PT, that led me to request my own set of regular 1-2-1 fitness sessions with her. I have now been training with Mel for almost a year, and I can honestly say I feel healthier, fitter and have more energy than I did before I started.

    Dom Gore - PT Client